Last Sunday I celebrated my birthday in Ghent with some very close friends of mine.

A great place to get together, talk over coffee & enjoy a fresh baked piece of cake is

Julie’ s House.


Julie started her tea house in the center of Ghent near the Gravensteen. Over the years she expanded the brand. You can find the teahouses of Julie’ house at.

Julie’s House Kraanlei

Julie’s House shop Elisabethlaan

Julie’s House Atelier Wiedauwkaai

A great café in Ghent is Dulle Griet at the fridaymarket.  This is especially the place to be if you’re visiting the place for the first time. You’ll find a selection of more than 500 beers here. You’ll find more special brews but also the more typical Belgian beers like Orval or Leffe. For their speciality, a very large beer that is served in an hourglassed shaped beerglas, the staff asks you to put one of your shoes in a basket that they’ll hang near the ceiling. A nice beer to try here is Gruut, one of Ghent specialities.


Uncle babe

Uncle babe is an American style hamburger joint mixed  with a dark atmosphere of a alternative cocktail bar. You’ll find amazing burgers here, also vegetarian ones, with a side dish of fries or fried onions

Sluizekenstraat 2, 9000 Gent



Gent is a great place to discover street art. A must see if you’re a graffiti lover is definitely the little graffiti street…

Werregarenstraat, 9000 Gent




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